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Recent Project

A fire occurred in a multi-use commercial/residential building. The fire was associated with a burst light bulb in a legal marijuana grow operation within the building. KCI was retained to determine areas of moisture accumulation, asbestos sampling of affected areas, and also determine extents of smoke migration.

About us

Kanellos Consulting Inc. (KCI) is an Environmental Consulting firm based out of Ottawa, Ontario. Our staff includes scientists, environmental technicians, and professional engineers that have over 50 years of combined experience in the field of Environmental Consulting. Since 2009, KCI has been providing Eastern Ontario with professional, reliable, and industry leading consulting services.

We have been involved in thousands of mould abatements, including forensic investigations of water ingress with special attention to the cause of microbial growth, hundreds of contaminated site remediations, as well as conducting thousands of designated substance surveys. We have provided our consulting services for insurance companies, federal government buildings, private residences, property management companies, and school boards. We’ve offered our consulting services on numerous multi-million-dollar projects.

Here at KCI, we have an intrinsic understanding of the time constraint issues associated with traumatic events related water ingress and environmental contamination and therefore understand the tight schedules associated with them.

Our building science training, experience, and international relationships with industry professionals are added values we bring to our consulting practices on an as needed basis. Our intrinsic understanding of bioaerosols in buildings and continued education in the understanding of building science are our assets. We offer guidance to bring resolutions to environmental issues.

Our Projects

Contaminated Site Remediation

After a homeowner noted that their fuel oil needed to be refilled more quickly than normal, they discovered that there was a leak associated with the above ground storage tank…. 

Mould Assessment

A two-storey residence sustained extensive water damage and associated mould as a result of an ongoing hot water tank leak that went unnoticed for an extended period of time.  As a result, extensive mould growth was present throughout the basement and main floor…..