Specialized Services

Kanellos Consulting Inc. (KCI) specializes in the forensic investigation of mould growth. However, we have completed hundreds of mould assessment projects resulting from water ingress and from deficient Building Science design. Our services have included projects in various industrial, commercial and residential facilities including identification of hazardous building materials, management design and implementation and remedial design.
At KCI we have developed a cost efficient system of investigation and abatement involving ecology as well as Building Science. This system aids in the smooth transition of projects while minimizing issues related to liability.
Our on-site and lab teams are skilled in the forensic investigation for the cause and origin of water ingress related mould issues, as well as the design and implementation measures for mould remediation and prevention

KCI has expertise in indoor Air Quality and Hazardous Materials Consulting specifically in Asbestos, Mould, Radon and Lead. KCI has managed numerous Hazardous Material Buildng Survey including Asbestos, Lead, Silica and PCB to mention a few.
We also have an intrinsic understanding of the time constraint issues associated with traumatic events related to water ingress and environmental contamination and therefore understand the tight schedules and best practices to apply for remediation.